We're going wholesale

On July 22, Handcrafted will transition to a verified, wholesale industry marketplace. You'll know that all buyers and sellers are verified businesses in the string industry, and pricing won't be exposed to the general public.


Get your instruments into the hands of creative people.

Whether you make violins, guitars, mandolins, or anything else, you're proud of what you build but want to think less about how to get your work into the hands of creatives. Skip the dealers, stop thinking about logistics of payment and home trials, and spend more time doing what you love.

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Find an instrument or bow that's as unique as what you'll create with it.

In a world that encourages consumption of mass-produced goods, it's easy to forget that craftspeople have been making instruments since time immemorial. Your art isn't cookie-cutter, and what you create it with shouldn't be either.

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How it works

The Handcrafted team are members of the same community as you, and we've built a marketplace that addresses the pains that we've experienced first-hand. Keep reading to find out how we are working to modernize the industry.


One-stop luthier shop

Woodhounds and peg-hoarders, rejoice! Stop looking to auction sites, message boards, and word of mouth to buy and sell supplies & materials. Handcrafted offers a one-stop shop for getting all of that excess out of (or into!) your shop.

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Tonal and playability characteristics

One of the worst parts about looking at instruments online is that you have absolutely no idea what they sound or play like. What good is knowing it's an "1880 Mittenwald, German Violin" when you don't know whether it's warm or metallic; thin or rich; resistant or responsive? Luthiers on Handcrafted can provide instrument characteristics to help give you confidence before you buy.

Buy now, pay later

Simplified financing.

Up-front financing is easier than ever! By paying with Affirm at checkout, customers can spread their bill out over months while sellers get paid in full up front. It's a win for everybody.

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