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You've got a lot of work to do and no time to do it. With Handcrafted, you'll be selling to makers, shops, and dealers in just minutes.

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Built for the industry

Handcrafted is built specifically to facilitate sales between you and others in the string instrument trade.


Secure transactions & safe shipping

Get your own online storefront in no-time-flat. You'll feel confident selling on a secure platform with the option to provide free or calculated shipping to your customers.


Flexible pricing options

Whether you have dead stock, a new offering, or a mixed lot without a clear price, sometimes you just want to say "make me an offer." With Handcrafted, you can allow customers to make an offer straight from your product page. When they do, you'll get a dedicated chatroom with them to negotiate, agree on a price, and click submit. Simple.


Simple, straightforward fees

Reasonable seller fees and no buyer's premium. There's no double-dipping here.

It is free to create your store and list items for sale. There is a platform fee of 10% when an item is sold (as well as payment processing fees of 0.8% to 6%).

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Know your customers

Sometimes, you don't want just anybody to be able to purchase an item. With Handcrafted, you can make customers submit a purchase request for any product before they are able to buy it.


Instrument-specific profiles

Conveying instrument characteristics can be tricky when you're not there in person. That's why we've developed a standardized gauge of tonal, playability, and other characteristics right on your product pages -- to make it much easier to get your instruments into the hands of buyers.


Showcase your instrument

If a picture is worth a thousand words, video and audio of your instrument being played must be worth at least a few thousand. Give life to the description and characteristics you've added for your instruments with real video of the instrument being played directly on the product page.


Start selling to the industry

Get all of the above and more, in less time than it takes to make that next cup of coffee or tea.

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About the team

We're not some Silicon Valley suits.

The founding team are members of the same community as you are. We've experienced all of these problems first-hand and believe that we can help to make things better.

Founder, Developer + Designer

Matthew Weiner

Matthew has been playing violin for over 20 years. He is classically trained, but has spent the last decade or so playing everything from prog-rock to mariachi, and from jazz to old-time fiddle. Matthew loves picking up as many styles of music as he can and experiencing their similarities and differences up close. The idea for Handcrafted came to him in 2017 when he realized that there was no easy way for him to discover regional luthiers from whom he could purchase an instrument. He's also working on an app for music teachers to manage their studios called CodaCal.

Co-Founder, Luthier

Ryan Davidson

Ryan earned an MA in Ethnomusicology in Ireland in 2010 and then immediately went to study at the Irish School of Luthiery. He has since apprenticed under violin-maker James Wimmer. Ryan was a touring songwriter and accompanist for 15 years but now focuses on playing traditional Irish fiddle tunes. Ryan is the owner and luthier of Davidson Strings in Chico, CA, and teaches in the music department at the local community college. Matt first mentioned his idea for Handcrafted to Ryan when they were touring together through the Pacific Northwest in 2017.