We've reduced our fees for selling instruments by 66%! Check out our most recent blog post for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, please contact us so that we can clear things up.

Why does Handcrafted only allow US-based sellers and customers?

It all comes down to two things: shipping and taxes. These things become much more complicated to handle once international orders come into the picture. We want to make sure that we are appropriately following all regulations that are required of us. Since we are located in the United States, the easiest way for us to stay compliant is to limit our business operations to the US.

That said, we don't want it to be like this forever! We hope to open things up to international sellers and customers as soon as we are sure that all of our processes are up to snuff.

What are the fees for selling on Handcrafted?

It is free to create your store and list items for sale. Like traditional instrument shops, there is a fee when an instrument is sold, but Handcrafted rates are even lower.

Traditional Instrument Shop Fees

  • Consignment: 20-30% + ~3% for card processing
  • Wholesale: 40-50%

Handcrafted Fees

  • Online sales: 5% + processing fees
  • Invoices: 2% + processing fees

Processing fees range from 0.8% to 6%, outlined below.

Payment Processing Fees

Payment processing fees are the fees that are charged by our payment processor in order to accept payments, and vary depending on the payment method used. We have no control over these rates. Payment processing fees are charged on the full order total, including shipping and tax.

  • ACH/bank transfer: 0.8%, capped at $5.00
  • Credit Card: 2.9% + 30¢
  • Apple Pay: 2.9% + 30¢
  • Google Pay: 2.9% + 30¢
  • Affirm Financing: 6% + 30¢

For example, if you had an order for a $5,000 instrument with $25 shipping and $400 tax that was paid via financing, your fee breakdown would look like:

  • Handcrafted fee: $250 (5% * $5,000)
  • Payment processing fee: $325.80 (6% * $5, 425 + 30¢)
  • Total fees: $575.80

But let's say that you instead sold the instrument in person via invoice and the customer paid via bank transfer. Your fee breakdown would then look like:

  • Handcrafted fee: $100 (2% * $5,000)
  • Payment processing fee: $43.40 (0.8% * $5,400)
  • Total fees: $143.40


How do you calculate shipping?

When a store-owner lists a product for sale, they include the weight and dimensions of the product. When a customer hits checkout, we look at all of the items in the customer's order for the store, calculate the total dimensions, determine the smallest appropriate package/box that the items will fit in, and send that data off to our shipping partners. They use that data to determine the shipping costs that appear on the checkout page for an order.

As a seller, will I receive a 1099 for my sales?

Yes! When you sign up for you seller account, you will also create a "connect" account with our payment processor: Stripe. Since Stripe takes care of transferring you payments for every order, they are also able to generate 1099s for you. Handcrafted will work with Stripe once tax time comes around to ensure that you get the applicable tax documents.

Why am I getting "access denied" when resetting my password?

When you request a new password, you will be sent an email containing information on how to reset your password. This email will include a one-time login link. Clicking on that link will log you into your account, allowing you to reset your password. It's important to note that this link truly does only work once. If you try to use it more than once then you will hit the "access denied" page. If this happens, you'll need to request a new password again and make sure that you are using the link from this email and not the old one.

If you are sure that you are doing the steps correctly and are still encountering errors, you can reach out to us via the live chat widget or our contact form.

How does financing with Affirm work?

Affirm is offered as a payment method for all orders less than $30,000 that do not contain a home trial. To pay with Affirm, simply select Affirm as the payment method during checkout and then follow the instructions as they are provided. Financing is only available up to $17,500, with anything over due up front. That is to say, if you use Affirm to purchase a $20,000 order, $2,500 is due at purchase with the remaining $17,500 being financed.

For sellers, Affirm is offered automatically at no extra charge and with no extra setup required. The only difference is that the payment processing fee in the background is 6% compared to the normal 3%, but that's still included in your regular platform fees. When a customer pays with Affirm, you will be paid out in full right away, just like if they'd paid with a credit card. All installments, collections, etc, are handled by Affirm without intervention by you or Handcrafted.