Tamarind (Tetul) Violin Fingerboards (2)

This is a set of two new 4/4 violin fingerboards made from tetul, which is the heartwood of the tamarind tree. Tamarind is a sustainably grown fruit tree, cultivated in tropical regions the world over. Harder than ebony, tetul is a densely-grained wood that is richly colored with reddish-brown hues that makes for a very smooth and hard playing surface, especially when polished to a luster. Tamarind wood is widely-cultivated, sustainable and unrestricted, making for an ideal and practical alternative to the world's dwindling ebony and rosewood supplies. I currently have multiple pre-selected pairs of these fingerboards, please specify preferred pair by set number (i.e. 2A, 2B) when ordering. These are being offered for $55/pair which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping. I would recommend storing these tied together (with the included string) with the flat sides facing each other to help maintain flatness while seasoning. Seasoning is recommended before final fitting.