Ryan Davidson - 1702 Stradivari Violin

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Handcrafted by Ryan Davidson

Made by Ryan Davidson, this violin is patterned from a 1702 Stradivari violin and was finished in the Spring of 2022. 

The violin is spirit varnished in a warm brown, with areas of red-brown that are highlighted in the antiqued varnish.  French-style tail piece with Hill-style ebony pegs.  

The violin has powerful, focused projection. Bright yet rich and complex tone with easy playability. 

This violin is available for home trial and comes with a case. 


  • Size: 4/4
  • Body Length: 358mm



  • DarkSparkling
  • ClearVeiled
  • FocusedComplex
  • TightOpen
  • SmoothGrowling
  • WarmMetallic


  • EasyDemanding
  • ForgivingPrecise
  • ResistantResponsive


  • BroadDirect
  • ReservedCutting
  • FocusedResonant