Handmade Hill Style Violin Peg Set (5) in Rosewood with Ebony Ring and Pin

Hill pegs are valued for their comfortable convex shape and the elegant and simple design. Our particular model has a slim head that is similar to the finest European examples.

Pegs by Figaro Importers are of the finest quality materials and design. Figaro fine fittings are made only from the best sourced materials and finished by hand by craftsmen in a family owned business. We recognize the impossibility of the maker to insure that every peg will turn perfectly due to the natural inconsistency of the wood, so we include 5 pegs in the set. It is a bonus and quality assurance you will get nowhere else.

The quarter sawn rosewood(Dalbergia Latifolia), is harvested in north east India. It is aged in the log for a minimum of two years. Only large logs with the straightest grain are selected for our fittings. Figaro Importers fittings are carved precisely to maximize acoustic performance, strength, and durability.

The Ebony (Diospyros Ebenum) is pure black, harvested in Sri Lanka or the Chotonagpur Plateau in India. Then it is aged to assure stability and quarter sawn before being made into the individual parts.

The dimensions of these pegs are as follows:

Shaft Length: 45 mm

Diameter of Shaft at Collar: 9 mm, 1:25 taper

Thickness of Head: 5.5 mm (at narrowest part)

Overall Length: 70 mm

These pegs are not shaved or drilled, so we recommend installation by a qualified luthier.

You will never find a superior product anywhere at this reasonable price!


  • shaft length: 45mm
  • taper: 1:25
  • Diameter at collar: 9mm
  • overall length: 70mm
  • Head thickness at narrow pt: 5.5 mm