Finest Ceylonese Ebony Violin Fingerboard by Figaro Importers

Figaro fine fittings are made only from the best sourced materials and finished by hand by craftsmen in a family owned business.Figaro Importers fingerboards are carefully made to be close enough in dimensions to be convenient for the maker or restorer but with enough margin to fit virtually all violins. Dimensions vary very slightly from piece to piece, and are listed below for your convenience.

We recommend purchasing in pairs, and we will ship them back-to-back tied together to assure near perfect straightness as they age. At time of making the ebony is at least 1 year old after sectioning, but as any seasoned maker understands, they can still change slightly over time.

No color has been added to our boards, and they are nearly pure black.

The Ebony (Diospyros ebenum) is harvested in Sri Lanka or the Chotonagpur Plateau in India. Then it is aged to assure stability and quarter sawn before being made into the individual parts.


  • Width at narrow end: 25.75 mm Width at wide end: 43.8 mm Thickness at peak on narrow end: 10 mm Overall Length: 272mm These fingerboards are blanks designed to be installed by a qualified luthier.