Beautiful Violin By S. G. White, 2012

This lovely instrument has a warm and colorful sound not lacking in power or projection reminiscent of many Italian instruments. It has a beautiful orange-gold oil varnish with subtle antiquing. The back sides and neck are from European Maple that has a magnificent flame, and the top is from Sitka spruce from Alaska.

Sara White is a graduate of the Chicago School of Violin Making in 2002. While there she studied under Tschu Ho Lee, Becky Elliot, and Fred Thompson. She was the first female in the history of CSVM to make a cello for the graduation exam period.


  • Size: 4/4
  • 4/4 size



  • ThinRich
  • DarkSparkling
  • ClearVeiled
  • FocusedComplex
  • TightOpen
  • SmoothGrowling
  • WarmMetallic


  • EasyDemanding
  • ForgivingPrecise
  • ResistantResponsive


  • BroadDirect
  • ReservedCutting
  • FocusedResonant