Antique Violin Labeled "Amati" with Tarisio Suede Case

The German violin making tradition was at a peak in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. This violin was created around the turn of the century, probably in or near Markneukirchen. It is labeled "Nicolaus Amatus Fecit in Cremona 1646." It has a sweet, full sound and a very easy response. There are no major repairs evident.

Measurements are:
Body length: 357 mm
String length: 328 mm
Stop length: 193mm
Upper bouts: 162mm
Lower Bouts: 200mm

The case is a "Tarisio" Suede case that is in very nice shape with blanket and upper music pocket.

The outfit is in excellent used condition.


  • Size: 4/4
  • Maple
  • spruce
  • ebony
  • boxwood
  • body length 357 mm
  • string length 328 mm
  • stop length 193 mm



  • ThinRich
  • DarkSparkling
  • ClearVeiled
  • FocusedComplex
  • TightOpen
  • SmoothGrowling
  • WarmMetallic


  • EasyDemanding
  • ForgivingPrecise
  • ResistantResponsive


  • BroadDirect
  • ReservedCutting
  • FocusedResonant