Wholesale is easier than ever

Wholesale can be a complex process involving pre-existing relationships, travel, and headache-inducing applications. We’ve streamlined the process of selling products directly to dealers and retailers to make it easier for both sides of the transaction. Keep reading to learn exactly how simple it is.

Accessing wholesale

Wholesale pricing and listings are only available to authorized resellers. To have your account marked as tax exempt, simply apply from the "tax exemption" tab of your dashboard after logging into your account or registering a wholesale account. Once your application is approved, applicable orders will be tax exempt and you’ll be able to access wholesale listings and pricing.

Listing for wholesale

As a seller, all you need to do to list an item for wholesale is input the wholesale price and mark whether you want the item to show only to tax exempt customers. Initially, only instruments and bows can be given wholesale pricing, but we hope to extend this to accessories and supplies in the future.

Shopping wholesale

Items that are available at a wholesale rate will be marked as such, with the wholesale price visible to customers logged in with a tax-exempt account. If the item is available only to wholesalers, then it will not show up at all for non-tax-exempt users.

Buying wholesale

Wholesale purchases are unique in that they must be approved by the seller. Instead of an Add to Cart button, wholesale items have a Request Purchase button. This will send a purchase request to the seller and open up a chat with them where the purchase can be discussed. Once approved, you will receive a purchase link where you can check out with any payment method (including bank transfer and financing).