Handcrafted home trials

One of the worst parts about looking at instruments online is that you have absolutely no idea what they sound or play like. To help solve this problem, we've designed a streamlined home trial process to allow musicians to test out instruments offered on Handcrafted from the comfort of their own home.

Step 1

Find a home trial product

When listing an instrument or bow for sale, the shop owner has the option of whether to allow home trials. When one is allowed, a Home Trial button will show up under the Add to Cart button. Click the Home Trial button and the item will be added your cart as a trial.

Step 2

Pay a deposit

When you proceed to checkout for a Home Trial item, you will make an initial payment of 20% of the total purchase price. This acts as a deposit and will be refunded in the event that you end up returning the item, and the remainder will be charged on a schedule after your trial begins. While we do accept card payments, we encourage you to use bank payments for home trial purchases due to the charge amounts.

Step 3

Trial begins on delivery

The store owner will ship the order to you once we receive confirmation of payment. If you paid via bank charge, this could take up to 7 days. Your 7-day home trial period will begin as soon as the shipping carrier confirms delivery of the shipment.

Step 4

Ongoing trial & automatic charges

You have 7 days from the time the trial begins to return it without any fees. You will then be automatically charged overages for every 7 days that you keep the instrument, up to the 80% balance. All of these charges will be refunded in full as long as you return the instrument before your balance has been charged in full. The charge schedule, beginning from the trial start date, is:

  • Up front: 20%
  • 7 days: 10%
  • 14 days: 10%
  • 21 days: 10%
  • 28 days: 50%

Step 5


If you decide that the item isn't for you, you can get a refund by shipping the instrument back before the trial period is over. Once you enter the return shipping tracking number in your account dashboard, all further automatic charges will be paused. Once the seller confirms that they received the instrument in good condition, they will mark the trial as returned and you will receive your refund.

Step 6

Finish the trial

If you decide that you're happy with the item you've trialed, then that's it -- congratulations! You can either pay off the remaining balance manually or just let the automatic charges run until completion.

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